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About                                                                                                לגרסה בעברית

Many people knew the late Bruno Pais as a family man, a close friend, and a man who knew how to enjoy life. In 1969, Bruno and his wife Edna founded the Bepex Company, which was a trailblazer in its field. Bruno was a businessman, a man with strong values and a unique personality. But there was another side to his personality about which most people knew nothing – he was also an artist. Bruno painted all his life, but never exhibited his work.

On the seventh anniversary of his death we decided to display his paintings. This unique collection, which comprises over 600 paintings, covers 41 years of his artistic life and incorporates a symphony of colors and emotions. Bruno never studied painting in any formal framework, but conducted his own basic research. He examined the different uses of color and materials, color combinations, numerous formats, and diverse techniques and style.


The paintings on display are all for sale. Prices are to be determined by the buyer with sale proceeds being donated in Bruno Pais’ name to Kishorit .


Kishorit is a permanent home for adults with special needs in the Western Galilee. It is a supportive community in which its members can live full, independent lives, and can mature and grow old with dignity. The Kishorit framework provides the members with employment opportunities, leisure time activities, private living quarters, medical supervision and care, nursing care when necessary and opportunities for integration into the broader community. Most importantly, Kishorit provides the members with a deep sense of social belonging and full membership in a community. For further details:


On Feb. 2014, embraced by hundreds of relatives, friends and colleagues, we inaugurated the first part of his retrospective exhibition. More than 60 paintings were sold and all the profits were donated to the Me’ever Lakeshet project.                            

During the past year, dozens of disadvantaged children participated on a weekly basis in music, theater and plastic art classes. These lessons were given by volunteers from the Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts. The experience enriched their emotional world and opened channels to new interests. The project also gave the students a chance to share their skills with young people in need, thus encouraging them to become socially involved. Our donation assisted to operate and expand the activity of the project during the past year.


Our hope is to give light to the paintings of the late Bruno Pais and to support yet another important project on its path to realizing its goal.


The Pais Family




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